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Hortonwood Enterprise Park
Hortonwood 50, Telford, TF1 7GZ

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We have a dedicated assembly department where we manufacture bespoke fixtures to suit each assembly process. With a team of skilled assembly workers we can take all your manufactured parts to a complete, packaged ready to ship solution.

Foam Assembly Nest to Eliminate Damage to Painted Parts.

Machined Foam Assembly Nests - to take Painted parts for Assembly.

Full Manufactured and Assembled Automotive Front Bumpers - Ready for Box and Ship.

Typical Application:

Full prototype bumper assemblies manufactured by us (30+ Parts per assembly) that require accurate assembly for Automotive build  - fixtures machined from foam to protect painted bumpers, parts sonic welded from rear with all relevant fixtures and fittings added.

Design - 3D Printing - RIM Moulding - Vacuum Casting - CNC Machining - Prototype Tooling - Injection Mould Tooling - Injection Moulding - Low Volume Production - Assembly.