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SRIM (Structural Reaction Injection Moulding), RIM (Reaction Injection Moulding), Foam Moulding, Vacuum Casting, RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding).

As a compliment to our tooling processes we have developed a number of different moulding processes.
We work with numerous polyurethane material suppliers and have developed materials that can be used in both a prototype and production environment.

SAIP Low Pressure Foam Machine


These polyurethane materials come in many different variations and can be tailored to suit a particular requirement. They are especially useful when making large parts such a Automotive Bumpers as their cure time can be modified to allow a large tool to fully fill.

With a combination of tooling techniques and materials, Pro2Pro have developed over-moulded foam covered substrates that can be textured if required. This process was originally developed for Automotive Interiors to be as close to production as possible but is now actually being used as production components in the high end low volume car market.

We have also developed this process to include seat foam manufacture which include in-moulded stability wires.


Typical Application:
RIM - Multiple prototypes manufactured as market research samples, parts are durable and have excellent cosmetic appearance.

RTM / SRIM - Low Volume Production components where the tooling investment is limited - but part integrity needs to be excellent.

Foam Moulding - Prototype or Low Volume Seat foam moulding  - heated resin or aluminium tooling dependant on volume required.

Again we can mix and match processes to suit a specific application.