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RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) and Fibreglass Moulding

We are well versed with with fibre glass manufacture  - both tooling and layup - this is one of the more traditional services we offer but we are also keen to educate our customers to other options that are now available - please call to find out more.

Can be used for both Prototype and Low Volume Manufacture.

Fibre Glass Automotive Wheel Arches - After Market.

Resin Transfer Moulding:

We make Resin Transfer Moulding typically for larger Fibre Glass components where additional strength can be added with the inclusion of Kevlar or similar tough fibrous products  - the process gives a smooth finish to both surfaces of the component, we can in-mould colour throughout the part and control an even thickness unlike the standard layup process.

Typical Application:

Automotive trim panel such as Wheel Arches, Side Sills etc.

Design - 3D Printing - RIM Moulding - Vacuum Casting - CNC Machining - Prototype Tooling - Injection Mould Tooling - Injection Moulding - Low Volume Production - Assembly.